Monday, 20 April 2015


I’ve finally decided to revive this old (now new) blog of mine. There have been a dozen attempts to get back to my so-called “blogging”, however I was too busy racking my brain and making sure my eyes were wide open. Now that I finally have some time in my hands, I seized the opportunity to put my “blogging” skills back to work and hope to maintain it even when school starts. Crossing my fingers on this one!

Along with reviving this blog comes some major tweaks. As what the cliché says, “Change is the only thing constant in this world”. I’ve become someone who wants to expand my horizon and broaden my perspectives in terms of what I write. I honestly admit that I am not a writer nor am I someone who hones a degree in writing but this is my own space in the blogosphere and with this I want to share little bits of my life to my old and new readers.

The Musings by Kristine Villano will compose my own insights, goals, travels, and fitness. Let’s not forget the narcissistic style posts!  I hope you stay tuned on what’s to come because I am blending my artistic juices for my first post.

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